New Zealand COVID-19 Business Hub

Financial Resources:


How to Make Smart Cash Decisions During COVID-19:

  • Spotcap’s Accounting Partner, Beany, walks us through advice for business owners managing cash decisions during challenging times.

Claiming the Small business Cash Flow Loan Scheme:

  • The NZ Government are offering one-off loans to businesses affected by the pandemic, to boost cash flow. Application opened on May 12, find out eligibility and how to apply.

Read More About Temporary Loss Carry-Back Scheme:

  • Businesses expecting to make a loss in either the 2020 year or the 2021 year can use that loss to offset profits they made the year before. The IRD compiles all information about applying for the Scheme.

All You Need to Know About the Wage Subsidy Scheme: 

  • This page outlines the eligibility, rates, FAQ and case studies to help you understand the governments’ wage subsidy scheme.

Do you Operate a Regional Business in NZ? Access Regional Government Support & Resources:

  • The Government has allocated additional funding and resources to support business owners in regional areas. Access growth advisors, business mentors, free webinars and join the regional business partner network.

Great Apps to Help You Forecast and Improve Your Cash Flow:

  • A selection of cash flow solution apps, including Futrli and Spotlight Reporting. This Xero roundup outlines helpful app, how they help, how easy they are to use and pricing.

Mental Health:


Supporting Your Own and Others’ Mental Wellbeing:

  • A collection of self-help tools, information, free hotlines and tips to support wellbeing during challenging times.

Helping Your Children understand COVID-19:

  • Wellbeing tips and resources for children and their parents and the latest education updates from the NZ government.

Access the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing at Work’ Toolkit:

  • A collection of downloadable fact sheets, strategies, tools and templates to make it easy for business owners to support themselves and their teams.

Mental Health & WFH Tips during COVID:

  • Free resources and webinars in a range of languages to help those who are working from home, managing a remote team and need wellbeing support.

Info & Support:


Rules for Business Operation in Each Alert Level:

  • The government has collated a range of FAQ’s and rules to help business owners’ navigate the rules for each COVID-19 alert level as the situation changes over time. Now we’re at Level 2, it will be helpful to discover what that means for your business.

Reach New Markets and Contacts with Xero’s Kea Connect Program:

  • Kea connect learns information about your business and then works to facilitate introductions with experts and access to new markets from their Xero community. Read more information about the program via the link.

Advice & Support Phone Lines for NZ Business Owners:

  • Business NZ has compiled free lines to access nationwide support and a collection of COVID-19 information specifically for business owners.

Watch Leading Experts Give Their Advice For Managing Business During COVID:

  • Icehouse has prepared a range of webinars by leading professionals. Themes include leadership, pivoting your business, resilience and post-COVID strategies.