Video Case Study: How Spotcap Helped This Brewery Thrive

Simon Osbourne is the Director of one of Sydney’s best-known boutique breweries, The Rocks Brewing Company.

Since 2014, The Rocks Co. has been brewing and serving craft beers to thirsty patrons, nestled in Sydney’s busy industrial district, Alexandria.

Despite a successful launch, Simon experienced what many budding businesses do in the first few years of business; they grew “too big, too quick”, and struggled to manage the financial implications their growth was having on their cash flow and scalability.

With limited equity in his home and large interest rates from a competing lender, Simon needed a flexible and affordable finance option, and fast.

Luckily, he was introduced to Spotcap and our facility gave him the ability to grow his business sustainably at a time when he needed it the most.

See for yourself how we were able to help his brewery thrive:



When Simon came to Spotcap, he was burdened with a loan from another lender, who were charging “astronomical rates, five days a week”, Simon explained.

Our facility allowed him to pay off the other lender’s finance and our affordable and easy to manage weekly payment gave him the peace of mind to focus on what really mattered- running his business.

“Spotcap took a lot of pressure off the business at a time when we were hurting the most” said Simon.

At Spotcap, we love to see how our funding helps small business owners not just professionally but personally fulfil their vision.

“Without Spotcap, we would’ve never got through”

The result? Spotcap is facilitating the Rocks Brewing Co. to generate $1.5 million litres of beer in the coming year!

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