Introducing Spotcap’s New Partner Portal 

Our new and improved portal makes business lending even more simple and swift…

We are excited to launch our revamped Partner Portal, designed to give our partners all they need to help their clients in one place.

We’ve improved the online referral process, introduced tools to enable real-time engagement with us, enhanced marketing support and much more!

As brokers and accountants increasingly look to diversify and future-proof their business, we redesigned our Partner Portal with them in mind and to ensure an hassle-free referral process.

The new Portal offers improved functionality and a very intuitive interface to simplify submitting and managing a client’s application.

The new Portal will allow an application to be completed in just 15 minutes with a dashboard that offers dynamic visibility into what is happening across multiple client accounts in real-time. The Portal does all the hard work so that our partners can spend their time building relationships with clients and growing their client base. 

It is easy to get set up. If you are an accredited Spotcap partner, simply follow the link below to reset your password and start to manage your existing client accounts in our easy-to-use dashboard right away.

Click here to log in!

If you have any questions or need some support accessing our new Partner Portal, please get in touch via or 0800 444 540. 

Start providing value-added services to your business and begin referring Spotcap to your clients today.